3m Double Oak and Douglas Fir Bench Table

Jul 17, 2021 | Being Made | 0 comments

A new 3m Garden Double Bench Table is underway. Initially, it was just going to be just a Douglas Fir top, but I had a slight mishap and snapped off one of the dovetail joints. As annoying as this was it has worked out well and is more visually pleasing as the bench now has an Oak center

The Douglas Fir came from woods local to Bath (I have spent many years working in this particular wood). The Oak for the frame was reclaimed and I believe French in origin. The Oak in the top is from a friend in Scotland and has been stored and seasoned by a neighbor for many years.

The table is 3m long and about 90cm wide.  If you are interested in the bench or want one like it, please let us know using the form below.